Independent Living Skills Class

August 19-20 What's in a name, Using your name safely, Knowing full names

August 21- Begin HOME SAFETY unit: Preventing falls, preventing fires

August 24-Preventing Posioning and Electrical Shock and How to protect your home against crime

August 25- What steps to take in an Emergency; getting help, taking action, calling 911, escaping fire, what to do in an auto accident, what to do at school

August 26- Safety at work or play and vehicle safety

August 27- Pedestrian Safety, Safety during natural disasters

August 28- Unit test, making emergency kits

August 31- Begin "Using the Telephone" Unit

September 1- Setting Up Telephone Service, Telephone Etiquette, Phone Security

September 2- Answering machines/Voicemail, taking and leaving messages, taking messages for others

September 3- Activity- "CALL 911!"  Class group activity practicing what to do in emergency situations

September 4- Quiz on Emergency Information, Video

September 3- Calling for help, Knowing medical conditions, When not to call 911, "HELP!" phone numbers who/when

September 4- Using the Yellow Pages, How to call a doctor, How to order food, How to call a repairman