About the Teacher

Mrs Minton loves teaching at Northwood High School!   She has been teaching at NHS for 2 years and was at NMS for four years before.  She really enjoys Science, the kids and other teachers.  Mrs. Minton's favrite thing to teach in class is the universe and the other planets because there are so many interesting facts and so many cool activities that can be done in class.  

When Mrs Minton is not at school, she is with her husband, daughter and son.  They often attend NHS football games together.  She also enjoys taking her dog,TAZZ, on walks. Her favorite color is green and her favorite food is Nachos.  Her favorite place to go on vacation is Hilton Head Island, S.C. where she can relax in the sun while the kids play nearby.  Mrs. Mintn;s favorite sport would have to be whatever her kids are playing at the time.  She does not have any favorite pro or college teams or sports.

Mrs Minton loves the weekend and holidays as much as the kids and is just as excited to see snow days, but is always glad to get back into the classroom again.